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Eye Catching Window Painting for your St. Louis, St. Louis County, and West County business.

Window Painting attracts new customers for your business through vivid bright colorful lettering and graphics. Bright signs done by our professional window painters will differentiate your business from others next to you. The paint will draw in people with bright colors screaming LOOK HERE! They are hard to miss when driving by. A neon window sign will communicate your specials, sales, promotions, limited time offers, or any message you want to display on your business. Promotional window painting will increase business.

Window Painting Services

  • Our Sign painting services include:
  • storefront window painting
  • window painting art
  • windshield painting
  • sign painting
  • wall murals
  • artistic designs, logos
  •  commercial signs
  • custom graphic designs.
  • Holiday painting -Christmas, Easter, etc.
  • Promotions, Sales

Storefront Window-Painting for attention

We can use any combination of colors for your business, but orange and green can be seen the farthest away. Hire a window painter near you to boost your business’s presence in the community today! Call us at 314-757-6973.

6 Benefits of window sign painting:

  • Proven to increase sales by promoting brand recognition/retention and boosting word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Less expensive than TV, print and radio advertisements, but unlike social media blasts, reaches potential customers’ eyes in moments when their attention is relatively undivided.
  • Greatly improves the visibility of small shops with limited street frontage.
  • It serves multiple purposes—for example, catching the eyes of pedestrians while providing privacy for customers inside the store.
  • Unlike with sandwich boards, awning signs or storefront banners, painted window signs require no special permit in most cases.
  • Company vehicles, painted window signs become free mobile advertising seen by commuters all over town!
A FLUORESCENT Painted ADVERTISEMENT is a the number 1 best paint to use when you’re looking to get noticed.
Hand Painted window sign

Fluorescent, neon hand-painted signs have a proven track record of attracting attention to your business. A neon sign screams LOOK AT ME!!! If you need to be seen a window splash will do it.

Beautiful Storefront Window Painting

window painter
Storefront custom painted window with business logo

Why settle for just a sign on your storefront when you can turn the whole storefront into a sign? You’re spending money renting your location, so why shouldn’t you get maximum return from it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add window splashes that tie into the message and extend the visual impact of your storefront.

Feature Your Best Selling Point here are 6 examples:

What can they say? Almost anything, but here’s a short list of 6 possibilities:

  • Products or services
  • A graphic that relates, like a bike, a car, a new boat or a motorcycle
  • Secondary copy that you want to get off the primary sign, such as Commercial/Residential/Industrial or All Makes and Models
  • A slogan, promise or guarantee statement
  • Repeat your logo
  • Announce a big sale or promotion

We can maximize your exposure on the glass by custom fitting the graphic to your window.  This is going to help you get your messages to traffic as it passes by creating more awareness for your business. We can help your business and brand look great with custom painted window splashes. We also do regular sign painting


window painting
stl window painting
painting with fluorescent paint
window painting
Restaurant Window Splash – Offfice Window Paintings – Car Dealer Window Splash – Retail Store All businesses can benefit from a bright sign painting.
commercial window painting
restaurant window painting
Restaurant Window painting
window painting
window painting
stl window painting
stl window painting contractor

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